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I believe that the time given to refutation in philosophy is usually time lost. Of the many attacks directed by many thinkers against each other, what now remains? Nothing, or assuredly very little. That which counts and endures is the modicum of positive truth which each contributes. The true statement is, of itself, able to displace the erroneous idea, and becomes, without our having taken the trouble of refuting anyone, the best of refutations.

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Philosoph, Schriftsteller, Nobelpreis für Literatur/1927 (Frankreich, 1859 - 1941).

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Henri Bergson wäre heute 161 Jahre, 4 Monate, 14 Tage oder 58.942 Tage alt.

Geboren am 18.10.1859 in Paris
Gestorben am 04.01.1941 in Paris
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