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An idea must not be condemned for being a little shy and incoherent; all new ideas are shy when introduced first among our old ones. We should have patience and see whether the incoherency is likely to wear off or to wear on, in which latter case the sooner we get rid of them the better.

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Schriftsteller, Maler, Komponist, Philologe, "Erewon Revisited", "Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont" (England, 1835 - 1902).

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Samuel Butler wäre heute 185 Jahre, 3 Monate, 1 Tag oder 67.662 Tage alt.

Geboren am 04.12.1835 in Langar/Nottinghamshire
Gestorben am 18.06.1902 in London
Sternzeichen: ♐ Schütze

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