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To accuse another of having weak kidneys, lungs or heart is not a crime; on the contrary, saying he has a weak brain is a crime. To be considered stupid and to be told so is more painful than being called gluttonous, mendacious, violent, lascivious, lazy, cowardly; every weakness, every vice, has found its defenders, its ennoblement and exaltation, but stupidity hasn't.

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Schriftsteller, Chemiker (Italien, 1919 - 1987).

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Primo Levi wäre heute 104 Jahre, 10 Monate, 20 Tage oder 38.311 Tage alt.

Geboren am 31.07.1919 in Turin
Gestorben am 11.04.1987 in Turin (Selbstmord)
Sternzeichen: ♌ Löwe

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