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If God were to hold out enclosed in His right hand allTruth, and in His left hand just the active search for Truth, though with the condition that I should always err therein, and He should say to me: Choose! I should humbly take His left hand and say: Father! Give me this one; absolute Truth belongs to Thee alone.

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Philosoph, Dichter, Theaterkritiker, "Minna von Barnhelm", "Emilia Galotti", "Nathan der Weise" (Deutschland, 1729 - 1781).

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Gotthold Ephraim Lessing wäre heute 293 Jahre, 0 Monate, 7 Tage oder 107.023 Tage alt.

Geboren am 22.01.1729 in Kamenz
Gestorben am 15.02.1781 in Braunschweig
Sternzeichen: ♒ Wassermann

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